They came :

Your turn to play !

Happy Hour Escape Game® is THE good idea for a hen, a bachelor or a birthday party.

At Happy Hour Escape Game, your event will be unforgettable:

  • We will organize a surprise game after the Escape Game session. To make it possible: bring a gift (picture, message…) for the celebrated, we will hide it in an additional game that he or she will do when everyone will be together, out of room.
  • Then picture time… and you all leave with a little present!

We are answering before your questions: :)

  • It is free of charge. Be Happy… Hour Escape Game !
  • You should book your rooms as soon as possible to keep them available. It is always possible to add participants to your event: you just have to pay on site for the additional players (within the limit of 6 players max per room).
  • Book and then send us an email at to advise that you are organising a special event.