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Happy Hour Escape Game : Paris funniest Escape Game !

The goal : 60 minutes to escape a room where you are locked in. An adventure to live in team, in which being fast and logic will help you to get over the challenges and puzzles.

  • Family

    A fun family
    day out!

    An unforgettable experience, available to everyone (from the age of 9). To win, you will need a strong sense of family and a dose of good humour.
    Parents and children: you will surprise yourselves! Memories guaranteed…

  • Friends

    Any occasion
    is a good one!

    A night out to take your mind off things? A weekend trip? A surprise birthday? A hen or stag do? Day or night, don’t think about it too much, just come and have some fun with friends.
    Come and enjoy a different kind of experience!

  • Players

    Gamer friends…
    new challenges ahead!

    Nothing defeats you? Neither the Rubik’s cube, nor online puzzles or computer games… With Happy Hour Escape Game® you become the player in your own adventure. Are you up to the challenge?
    Go one step further: challenge another team!
    May the best team win!

  • Companies

    Team energy

    Come and take up challenges to strengthen cohesion and team spirit. The days of bowling and karaoke events are over: come and spend your company nights out in an original way. Test your speed and efficiency by challenging another team. There’s strength in numbers!


    Professor Zoltan has developed a virus which is going to destroy the planet. You have one hour to retrieve the
    virus strain, save the human race and escape the room!


    One last step and you will be graduated from the famous Police Academy of Palamento City ! Your challenge: Avoid all the traps within an hour and you will pass your test with success.


    You are trapped in a medieval castle. You have one hour to escape before your jailer returns from his break.



« Awesome evening with my team! Everyone was delighted. A successful Team Building… »

 Stephanie W,

« Great! A super night with friends! And really welcoming staff… »

 Jonas T,

« A nice leisure to spend a good moment with one’s family, everyone can participate according to its abilitie, it’s well thought out ….»

 Marilys H,
What is the aim of the game?
How large are the teams?
What happens if there are just two of us playing?
Can one team play against another?
How do you choose your game?
How much time should I set aside?
What happens if we are late?
Can we change or cancel our booking?
Can anyone take part?
Are we filmed?
How should we prepare?
And if I want to buy a session as a present?

To have fun!
You’re locked in a room in teams of 3 to 6 people. You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles which will get you out. To do this, you need to work together and think about the problems on your own and vice versa!
If you need a bit of a boost to help you get out, a gamemaster will send you clues to assist you. We are there to make sure that the experience stays fun and that everyone gets the most out of it.

Paris - 75002

ADRESSE : 37 Rue de la Lune, 75002 PARIS
METRO : Bonne Nouvelle
EMAIL : contact@happyhourescapegame.com
TEL : 06 22 88 27 45
· Parking Bonne Nouvelle: 2 Rue d’Hauteville au coin du Bvd Bonne Nouvelle
· Parking Rex Atrium: 5 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière

Lun-Dim : 10h-23h